• Structural Projects (Reinforced-Concrete, Wood, and Steel Projects)
  • Mechanical Projects
  • Electrical Projects
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Restoration and Reinforcement Projects
  • Design with BIM System

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  • Project Planning and Controls
  • Budget and Schedule Training
  • Procurement Process Management
  • Coordination and Supervision of Implementation
  • Coordination and Supervision of Design
  • Risk Management
  • Reporting
  • Communications Management
  • Project Management with BIM System


  • Coordination and Assessment of Design
  • Structural Analysis of New and Old Structures
  • Modeling
  • Planning, Surveying, Measuring, and Reporting
  • Structuring and Construction Requirements
  • Zoning Peace Consultancy Service


As Sigma, we are one of the most reliable engineering and consulting companies in Turkey with our experience of more than 30 years in the construction industry and our innovation-oriented approach.

We are the solution partner of Turkey’s leading companies in practical and applied areas such as engineering, design, project management, and consultancy. In addition to our structural projects with different materials such as wood, steel, and reinforced-concrete, Avan Project we provide services with a large business volume including architectural, mechanical, and electrical projects.



To be one of the largest 10 project design and management companies of Turkey before 2022 with our globally accepted project quality, innovative and supportive solutions, and service with integrity principle.


To ensure that our clients have the best customer experience and reach better results with our high quality and efficiency principle as well as our absolute customer satisfaction-oriented approach.

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Since the foundation of our company, our core values have given us the strength we need. These values are at the heart of our strong commitment to both our employees and our clients.Read more. 


We combine our global perspective with our professional and supportive approach and develop innovative services by taking different industry dynamics into consideration. We always aim for the best in every geography and industry we work, and we produce sustainable solutions specific to each project.

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Because we are operating with many years of experience and our highly educated technical team to meet the ever-changing needs of the world and different industry requirements.

We are trying to provide our clients with the best service experience by using integrated and innovative technologies such as the BIM practice.

We try to continuously increase our potential with our vision and mission, which emphasizes our engineering philosophy, and we show the same sensitivity for the development of our clients. We aim to gain experience, learn, develop, and reach the most qualified result in all business and project processes.

We know that our past achievements are the basis of our future successes, so we aim to maintain our growth and development rate in the last five years with the same determination.

We manage our valuable, wide, and loyal client portfolio, which we have been serving meticulously since our foundation, with a team that works devotedly and remains deeply loyal to company values and each other.