As Sigma, we are one of the most reliable engineering and consulting companies in Turkey with our experience of more than 30 years in the construction industry and our solution-oriented approach.

We are the solution partner of Turkey’s leading companies in practical and applied areas such as engineering, design, project management and consultancy.

We are one of the engineering companies in the sector with the highest business volume with over 100 highly educated employees, over 50 active projects, and over 5000 completed projects.

As Sigma, we continue to implement the most up-to-date practices of the construction and engineering industry with the importance we attach to teamwork, personal development, and innovation.


To be one of the largest 10 project design and management companies of Turkey before 2022 with our globally accepted project quality, innovative and supportive solutions, and service with integrity principle.


To ensure that our clients have the best customer experience and reach better results with our high quality and efficiency principle as well as our absolute customer satisfaction-oriented approach.


Since the foundation of our company, our core values have given us the strength we need. These values are at the heart of our strong commitment to both our employees and our clients.

Our constant principles that define us:

with our open and transparent management approach providing service with integrity

experience by working with the excitement of the first day offering an ideal customer experience

by understanding the clients’ needs correctly solution orientation,

on the basis of open communication and valuing people Employee satisfaction,

during and after the project with supervision and follow-up Giving full support,

by closely following technology Working with an innovative approach,

by adopting the concept of sustainable life Being environmentally-conscious and valuing human health.


We provide design, engineering, project design, consultancy, and project management services to our clients and we work by establishing technical and strategic solution partnerships in all processes with the principle of full support.

We focus on risk-minimizing factors with our diversified and prominent position in the industry and offer integrated services to our clients with our globally accepted solution approach.

We provide service for our clients via our young and dynamic design team and experienced management team throughout the lifecycle of their projects.

We implement our innovative ideas by providing customized solutions with our strong technical infrastructure and extensive industry experience.